Ky Kiske Is Heterosexual: The Essay, written summer 2016. Rehosting it here so the OP doesn't get harrassed.

I've done my best to retain the original formatting as well as rehosted the images here (instead of copy-pasting all the Photobucket links). Some of the websites are dead and don't have archives but I left the links in their memory anyway. I don't condone any of... whatever the original author was arguing for here, this essay's just hilarious and I want to save it.

WARNINGS: Weird Bridget comments, homophobia..?, Ed Chang slander

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Hello Reader!^_^ Thank you so much for visiting! I hope you will enjoy what you will soon be reading, for it will be a long one. The topic of my first article will be relating to my favorite video games series called "Guilty Gear". The topic will focus on Ky Kiske and the misconceptions about his character and masculinity starting with the most common ones.


A. He's French

B. He collects teacups

C. He's a pretty boy

D. His Physique

E. His clothing

F. Official Suggestive Pictures of Him and Sol Badguy




A. The French Argument: There is general information about other cultures that are true like beliefs about family, traditions, etc. But some information, especially how it's presented in media is at times false and exaggerated. French people, especially men, always greet each other with cheek kisses, act cowardly, and extremely effeminate to be made inferior to American men is one of those. Ky has never greeted others with cheek kisses, act cowardly, wear a beret, or other exaggerated mannerisms seen from shows/movies. Strictly basing his masculinity and sexuality because of his nationality is rather ignorant and silly, for there equal amount of people from every nationality/ethnicity that are nice, rude, etc.

B. "He Collects Teacups" Argument: The perception likely came from one of the activities little girls do is play tea time. However, this argument is the poorest than A because collecting teacups is a hobby adopted from his mentor Kliff Underson. Another reason is Mr. Daisuke Ishiwatari(creator of Guilty Gear) states Ky is born from a aristocratic family, so tea is one of many forms displaying his high-born status. Teacups are also a neutral object, it isn't exclusive to one gender unless its decorated a certain way and none of Ky's teacups has feminine patterns nor colors to them.

C. "He's A Pretty Boy" Argument: In Japan, the word for pretty boy is "Bishousen". Its definition is often a blurry line because most believe it's similar to the term "gender-bender" or "feminine boy", especially appearance is another way to judge whether a man is masculine or effeminate. Ky's tweaked look in Guilty Gear Xrd Sign also didn't help matters, but first I'll define the difference between these terms.

Pretty Boy/Beautiful Man: A good-looking man who has some facial features considered beautiful(like eyes, smooth skin) yet still very masculine by facial structure, body build, etc. Debonair men or men of nobility like princes and aristocrats for example fall into this category.

Gender-Bender/Feminine Boy: Unlike the Pretty Boy/Beautiful Man, the gender-bender man has many features beyond just beautiful, it is so feminine that a person can't tell if he's male or female unless he's says so or examined thoroughly. Transgender and cross-dressers fall into this category.

To give a deeper example, I'm going to compare Ky to other men who are also handsome/pretty boy and those who are gender-bender.

Cloud Strife:

Cloud obviously does not have a rugged face like Barret, so the type of handsome he falls into is pretty boy. He has beautiful eyes and youthful appearance, yet his facial structure, nose, cheeks, and hair along with body is very masculine. Further proof is the infamous crossdressing scene in Don Corneo in Final Fantasy 7. It took more than a dress and wig for Cloud to pass as a girl, he had to have makeup on and etc., so he does not fall into gender-bender/feminine boy category.


Similar to Cloud, Vega's facial features of beautiful eyes and youthful skin makes him a pretty boy. He even has long fingernails, however his facial structure and his body type is very masculine.


Although he is called a "pretty boy" by certain characters, the truth is the beautiful part of his features is beyond a pretty boy; he could easily pass for a girl. It's not only his youthful skin and eyes, but how his body is shaped, his voice, and mannerisms along with his clothing. The only way to tell is him stating he's male and finding out what's "underneath" the hard way. XD


Believe it or not, this character is not a flat-chested female; he is male. He has short-shorts, lipstick, beautiful looks, and etc. that's beyond just pretty boy.

Lastly, let's look at Ky before and after Xrd Sign

Ky(Early GG):

Ky has beautiful eyes and youthful skin, but the structure of his face is clearly masculine. His jawline and chin is smooth, but still has a square-like shape. His eyes has very little to no eyelashes, the outline length of face, eyebrows, nose, and thickness of his neck. His look in Xrd Sign and Revelator takes it a step further by giving him longer hair, clearly seen eyelashes, and minor tweaks to his facial shape. Unfortunately this may push it a little too much, but closer observation reveals the masculine features of his face is not lost. Let's compare Ky's and Millia's look in Guilty Gear Xrd Sign.

Ky Kiske(Xrd):

Millia Rage(Xrd):

At first glance, they may look similar to being "sisters" but notice the shape and structure of their noses? Millia's nose is smaller and and delicate appearance while Ky's nose is longer and has a stronger look, especially at the bridge and at the tip. Their eyes are both beautiful, but Millia's is slightly bigger and her pupils have a feminine softness to it while Ky's eyes a more narrow and pupils leads towards masculine. Millia has a smaller mouth and has pink lip gloss on, while Ky doesn't have any feminine gloss on his lips and his mouth is longer. The tip of Millia's chin is smaller and has a smooth tip while Ky's chin is slightly longer and while his chin is also smooth, it still has a bit of a square like tip if examined closely. The thickness and shape of their necks is another clear difference, which may be hard to see due to the collar of their clothing. Here is a better view of their necks.



Ky has a thicker and masculine looking neck than Millia, who's neck is leaner and softer looking. This is the general rule when drawing the difference between a masculine man and a feminine woman; the man will always have a thicker neck. Despite the tweaks done to him in Xrd Sign, Ky still has masculine features. If the long hair is excluded, it can be seen better. I decided to edit a picture with Ky having short-hair to prove it.

D. "His Physique" Argument: The impression Ky is simply puny is from how he’s mostly seen in his Holy Order uniform and how his casual clothing fits him. His body is not heavily built so his masculinity is questioned and thus artists(typically yaoi fangirls and boys) draw him lacking muscle. However, the truth is Ky has an athletic body build; not skinny. A peek of his muscles can be seen when hit by Faust's EX Instant Kill from past Guilty Gear games.

To give a better idea, I'll first show what some people think Ky's physique is.

Now to show how Ky's body really is.

E. "His Clothing" Argument: The issue of Ky's clothing is somewhat similar to what was addressed in A. It is true French men are into their appearance and fashion more than American men. However, it is simply about wanting to look refined and stylish rather than a slob. Ky has yet to be seen with a scarf, but his clothing is fancy, sophisticated and stylish without it transcending into what it considered effeminate. How he wears pants is a normal fit instead like tights.

F. Suggestive Sol and Ky Pictures: Besides the misinterpretation of Sol and Ky's interaction in the Drama CDs, the official pictures drawn by the series creator were seen suggestive enough for some people(especially yaoi fangirls) to believe Sol and Ky are secretly gay for each other and simply in denial of their supposed "romantic chemistry". Even one of the most trusted translators name Edward Chang believed this. Note "Q" is for "Question" and "A" is for "Answer".

Source: GuiltyGear.ru

Q. Are Sol and Ky gay? A. The fairest answer to this popular fan notion is 'quite possibly'. Though there is no official evidence on the scale of Venom, Daisuke has drawn several pictures of the two in provocative positions, such as one in which Ky's hips are directly behind Sol. Drama CDs Side Red and Side Black reveal that Sol and Ky's outward dislike for each other is just on the surface, and in Side Red, in the alternate future in which Ky dies, the disc ends with Sol crying over Ky's body. However, once again there is no official proof either for or against, so the question remains up in the air, at least until GGXXX. (GGXX, SR, SB)

I had the pleasure to speak with Mr.Chang on Yahoo mail back in the early 2000s. It first began with a fun and casual conversation until the subject about Sol and Ky's sexuality. I first asked him where are these "several" provocative pictures Mr.Daisuke drew and Mr.Chang could not provide them. He was very adamant in the "possibly gay" theory despite the lack of solid evidence and could not fully counter the arguments I made against it(like the crying part). This doesn't suddenly make him a bad translator, but it does reveal even translators can get the wrong idea about something and not fully understand what they're translating. After the conversation, I continued my own thorough research about Guilty Gear to find some of these "scandalous" official pictures of Sol and Ky. I will be scrutinizing these pictures to undercover the truth and go into further explanation why Ky isn't gay for Sol nor gay in general.

1. "Face to Face"

The close body contact, the intense gaze of their meeting eyes, and the overlapping of one of their arms along with the argument of a love-hate type romance is plausible in some people minds. First, is looking at the body language of their close contact. Although they are close range, there is still a couple of inches of space between, they are holding their weapons firmly while their free hands is slightly curled; showing tension. The tension displayed is one of preparation for a altercation, not of affection. Their intense gaze towards each other also conveys this by their narrowed eyebrows, gritted teeth, and their posture. Sol's posture displays he is boldly invading Ky's personal space in an aggressive manner; his chin is raised up of not taking Ky seriously. Ky's posture shows he not afraid to engage Sol into a fight, yet also not welcoming to him invading his personal space by how his clothing sways and hair swings. Their eyes do not show a gleam of romantic interest, it is one of disagreement between them. The context of this picture is very clear; Disagreement and Rivalry.

2. "By The Chains"

This is deemed "suggestive" because Sol and Ky are holding the chains together and how it appears Ky is in between Sol's legs. Some people believe it symbolizes Sol dominance over Ky and Ky being the submissive one. However, if the context of the picture was truly meant to show Sol's dominance over Ky in a romantic sense, it would have been presented in a different way(like maybe Sol pulling Ky towards them and their eyes lovingly gazing or blushing at each other). However, they are looking elsewhere and their expression shows they aren't thinking of each other. Ky is clearly standing despite the wind effect of his clothing because the perspective of Sol, the background, and the chains would be at a different angle. There's also the fact Sol has his weapon with him, so if it was truly meant to have a romantic context, he wouldn't have his weapon drawn in preparation. Ky is firmly gripping the chains and the background shows it's a double red door behind them, which also has chains and winged skull heads. In the middle behind Sol, there's white light while the background itself is darkness. The context of this picture is of artistic expression, not a display or hint of romance.

3. "Under Arrest"

I placed this picture last because this picture is the primary one that caused the "Sol and Ky are gay for each other" theory. The impression some people are getting this from how Ky is positioned behind Sol and how he(Sol) has his arms lowered and their eyes. Even though the picture is a sketch, it still has enough detail to draw a real conclusion about the assumption. First, I'm going to focus on Sol's body language and expression. Sol's arms are lowered with his right one crossed over the left one; his hand is making a fist towards his glove. His left hand is holding his weapon firmly, so he is again prepared for battle. How his arms and shoulders are tilted forward away from Ky is a sign of discomfort in the way someone would behave if caught. There isn't a hint of relaxation in his body language, which is the opposite of people who like each other act, even with love-hate relationships. His expression shows a slightly phased surprise by the corner of left eye. However, notice he is not turning his head towards Ky to meet his gaze and he is not blushing. His expression is showing he did not expect for Ky to have the upper hand on him or catch him attempting to do something unethical. Next is looking at Ky. While Ky is behind him, is not close enough to where their bodies are touching based on where the shadows are and the position of his sword. Ky's left hand is free; its gesture is elegant confidence, it's not reaching to touch Sol. His right hand is holding his weapon towards Sol's neck; this is exercising his authority and let him know not he is not getting away with whatever he(Sol) was/is attempting to do. Ky's expression is giving Sol a serious look, especially if closely examining how his mouth is drawn. He is not blushing or hinting of being a romantic attraction. The context of the picture is of a policeman catching someone.

Verdict: The creator of Guilty Gear had no intention nor never did imply a romantic relationship or tension between Ky and Sol; it is fabricated. Next is providing evidence that Ky is not gay in general.

Evidence #1: How Ky behaves in his win-quote against Jam.

Source: GameFAQs

Ky to Jam: Um, uh, it's better not to raise your leg too high... my eyes are um, uh... sorry!

Jam's skirt is very short so it's only a manner of time before her panties is exposed. However, Ky not only blushes and acts shy, his eyes are also staring up her skirt. It is not only humorous, but gives a clear indication there is a sexual side to Ky though he tries to maintain his gentleman demeanor. He also behaves this way when Jam(in the games like Guilty Gear X2) or I-No(from Drama CD) flirts with him. Ky never shows this type of behavior towards Sol or to men in general. This alone is enough to validate Ky is straight, but there is more.

Evidence #2: The decision to have Ky paired with Dizzy and have a son in Overture. Guilty Gear Overture is indeed canon to the main series, so Ky and Dizzy is official. This is carried over in later installments like Guilty Gear Xrd Sign and Revelator.

Evidence #3: Ky is Catholic/Christian. I originally was going to put this at #1 since it's essential proof stated in his official profile. But I believe it was also important to show Ky is still a human male and genuinely has sexual attraction and interest only in women of his own free will. It is not strictly because of following his devotion to God nor is his religion is used as a cover for him being "in the closet" yaoi fangirls love to believe. This both factors are truly part of Ky's character.

OVERVIEW: Ky's masculinity from a external standpoint is clearly established and proven. His handsome looks and fashion sense is of sophistication, his body shape and type is of athletic build, and his hobbies and interest isn't effeminate. His sexuality is 100% straight(heterosexual) with various reliable sources and evidence to fully discredit the misconceptions and theories of those claiming otherwise. The second part of misconception of Ky concerning his masculinity is his personality and traits.



1. He's very polite and humble

2. He's sensitive


1. His Politeness and Humility. Many people easily think his kindness and humbleness is the extreme of him lacking confidence and strength; calling him "wimpy". First, let's look at the definition of "Wimp".

Definition of Wimp: A weak, cowardly, or ineffectual person.

The meaning of ineffectual is someone lacking the ability and/or traits to cope with a role or situation.

Now is reading Ky's background from Guilty Gear X. This is what it officially says from instruction manual.

A charismatic and talented swordsman, Ky was appointed as the leader of the Sacred Order of Holy Knights when he was only 16. Since the Crusades, he has worked in the police force to keep his vigil over mankind. Justice's final words at the tournament made him realize that the "justice" he believed in only served human purposes. Ky, who believed all his life that Gears were inherently evil, could neither agree nor disagree with Justice's message. It was then that he received word of a Gear that had no intention of hurting humans. To determine the true meaning of justice, he decided to embark on a new journey. Ky's rival is Sol-Badguy.

Here's extra information about Ky's past from the official Guilty Gear Bible.

Orphaned at a young age during the war, he met the then-commander of the Sacred Order, Kliff Undersn. Afterward, Ky was told to come back after five years of training to see him again if he really wanted to fight. Five years passed, and Ky returned, ready to do battle.

The Holy Knights is a military force of noble knights sworn to protect mankind. To be appointed leader at a young age means Ky naturally possess the physical, mental, and emotional ability to deal with what the role entails. The Drama CDs gives insight on how influential Ky is, especially when in the original timeline he died in battle from a large Gear. This is from Guilty Gear X2: Red and Black Side of the drama CD.

Source: GearLegacy.Tripod.com[dead link]

12. [ Epilogue ]

Narrator: AD 2173. The death of the Holy Order Captain, Ky Kiske, in the Battle of Rome. This was the turning point in the Holy War. Afterwards, mankind fought a losing battle for 10 years. Historians would later write: "The hope of mankind crumbled on this day."

Narrator: Commander of the Holy Order that protects mankind, Sol Badguy. But with the attack of the Gears, mankind's hope appears to crumble.

Ky was responsible for the entire Holy Knight's morale and how much they valued and depended on his leadership along with his noble heart. Since his death, "the hope of mankind crumbled" and the Holy War was automatically lost, despite Sol trying to take over the role. Sol also recognizes Ky's strength and leadership; admitting he is not fit to lead and said it should be Ky's job. I-No went back in time to save Ky's life(because of a different outcome of future events sounds entertaining to her) and after, helps leads the army to victory. Five years after The Crusades, Ky became captain of the IPF(International Police Force). He once again takes on a authoritative role; another sign Ky naturally has these characteristics and not afraid to exercise it. Here is an example of this in the Drama CD of Guilty Gear X.

Source: GuiltyLegacy.Tripod.com[dead link]

5. [ Street Corner ]

Narrator: Chapter Two - Street Corner

Narrator: The Old World Ruin crumbled as a result of the violent battle. Ky, serving as an officer of the Police Force, has let Johnny and May run away. What was left was only half of a tablet of the Old World...

Ky: Is everyone alright?

Officer 1: Somehow, we were all able to escape out the front...

Ky: Change of course?

Officer 2: Completed.

Ky: Thank God. Then, everyone please retreat back to the ship momentarily.

Showman: Um... I'm still being held, but... my ruins...?

Ky: Without question, they will be sealed. And, in relation to that you must be punished, so be prepared.

Officer 1: Now, I need to take some information, so come with me. Showman: But...!

Ky: I will go and make sure there were no aftereffects in the village, then return to the ship.

Officer 2: I'll go too...

Ky: I'll be fine by myself. If something happens I'll contact you.

Officer 2: Understood.


Ky: To think there was something that dangerous so close to a village like this... at least we avoided the worst situation... thank God. Now to take care of the tablet from the Ruins...

Ky: I wonder... what is in that tablet... Somehow I feel that it would've been better to seal it with the ruins, but... if I'm commanded to bring it back, I'll have no choice. But a tablet like this... like this... like...it's gone?

Ky: Impossible... it was here... ! I was pickpocketed! Those children just now... it couldn't be!


Man: Yo, did you get anything good?

Girl: Yeah, I got this from the guy in the white cape!

Man: Well done, well done. But try for somebody that looks richer next time... do well, and we'll let you join our team. Our team's great! You can eat good stuff all the time...

Girl: Really?!

Man: Steal from 2 or 3 more people... and we'll talk about it.

Girl: Ok!

Man: Now, let's see... what is this? Is this really worth anything?

Chipp: No it ain't!

Man: Wh-who's there!?

Chipp: What are you doing, using kids! Piece of trash!

Man: What are you talking about!?

Chipp: Luring kids with food... you have no right to live. Take this!

Chipp: Stand up. Come on!

Chipp: To think that trash like you exists!

Ky: Stop.

Ky: The only way I can see this is bullying... stop it.

Chipp: Don't try to stop me.

Ky: Keep going, and he'll die.

Chipp: Anh? Why the hell are you here?

Ky: I'm a victim, you see. Of that pickpocket...

Chipp: Seems like something important was taken from you. I just got it back. Here.

Ky: Now, let him g...

Chipp: Hey!

Ky: Stop it!

Chipp: Huh? You got what yours, so you have no more business here. Go home, son. This ain't a tourist attraction.

Ky: I have no problem with making you two a tourist attraction... in the courtroom.

Chipp: And I just did you a favor. What's with that cop-like talk?

Ky: I AM a cop.

Chipp: So you... you're a friend of these dogs!?

Ky: There's no need to be serious towards these village punks... Chipp Zanuff.

Chipp: Don't use my name lightly! This isn't me being serious...

Ky: That's why I stopped you.

Chipp: You know... I hate punks who lure kids with food, but I hate the Police even more! Even though they can't do anything by themselves, they carry themselves around just like that! They ignore those in need and make themselves the friend of the rich! That's just called political corruption.

Ky: I don't care what you think about us, but I can't let you act as you're doing now. Please come with me.

Chipp: And if I say no?

Ky: Then I'll force you.

Instead of weakly saying, "Ah, please don't think badly of me, I'm just trying to help!" Ky just bluntly tells him he doesn't care of his opinion and not oppose to using force like a policeman would when someone doesn't comply. This of course is one of the faults of Ky strictly looking at things black and white, yet also displays he doesn't let people easily sway him. Another instance is telling Sol to "stand down" when he(Sol) was frustrated from Ramlethal not giving answers to the situation in Guilty Gear Xrd Sign.

[Editor Note: Caption reads: October 29, 2187; Royal Fleet One -- Interrogation Room; Ky: ...Sol, you're not doing us any good here, stand down. Let's see how this- text cuts off]

This is definitely not wimpy traits or behavior.

2. He's Sensitive: There is three types of sensitivity; perception, feelings, and reaction. Many assume Ky is sensitive in a emotionally frail way. If Ky was truly weak, he would have numerous severe nervous breakdowns, likely have conditions like PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and other deep psychological issues from what he's been through and exposed to. He would be whining life is unfair and throw things in frustration, complaining excessively if put in dangerous situations, and poorly handle being an high-ranking officer and leader of a military force. Yet, he willingly carries the weight of protecting and guiding others on his shoulders without hesitation or second-guessing; his mind isn't corrupted or damaged. Ky is able to maintain his composure and make the best logical decisions even in intense circumstances. One example of his emotional strength is in Xrd Sign when Sol angrily grabbed Ky by the helms of his clothing.

[Editor Note: Caption reads: Sol: Shut up or I'm gonna pound the shit out of you!]

He does not flinch or show signs of fear, he doesn't break down into tears or beg Sol to let him go. Instead he not only stares at him calmly, he responds to the threat of being beaten to death with a simple "Try it". The fact Ky would always challenge Sol to a duel without a second thought and wants him to fight with full strength shows how he handles himself. Ky is not one to lose his temper easily; the only instances is when injustice is done towards others or when Sol's behavior gets too far to show annoyance. The type of sensitivity Ky does have is caring for others and his perception of things like his win-quote against I-No in GGX2.

Source: GameFAQs.com

Ky to I-No: I don't sense a conscience in your eyes. Even if you're a woman, I couldn't get careless...

For Ky to sense something off about her to the point he ignores his rule of holding back towards a lady proves how smart he is. I-No is the type to easily sound very sweet to deceive others for amusement then suddenly turn sadistic. Only Sol knew her enough to see pass it, yet Ky knew immediately from just looking at her eyes. This is not the first time, he also sensed it again about her in Midnight Carnival Side of Guilty Gear Drama CD. I-No pretends to be an innocent woman, especially when Sol confronts her in the infirmary and a altercation occurs. Ky soon hears of this and scolds Sol for his actions, yet here shows he knows there's more to the story.

Source: GearLegacy.Tripod.com [dead link]

7. [ Airship Infirmary - Temptation ]

Ky: Lord... what a man.

Officer: About Sol-sama... is that really okay?

Ky: Yes. If he keeps breaking the rules, he loses his rights.

Officer: But... that woman...

Ky: I know. She's not a normal person.

Officer: Then... why do that to Sol-sama?

Ky: If he wanted to check on I-No-san's true nature, he should've reported to me. That man doesn't even take the time to do that.

Officer: That's true... she said her name was I-No, correct? What do you think, Ky-sama?

Ky: She seemed a master of confrontation... she was confronting Sol for just a moment.

Officer: I see...

Lastly, is measuring how masculine Ky is by comparing to the traits associated with the definition. I'm going to format this with listing each one as numbers then underneath would be the letter "A" for "Answer".



1. Virile: Having strength, energy, and a strong sex drive.

A: Yes. Ky has physical and emotional strength and has energy(endurance). Ky does have a strong sex drive, though he does not outwardly act on this unless it's with the woman he loves. His zodiac Sign is Scorpio since his birthday is November 20th and it's widely known how sexual Scorpio men are. XD

2. Macho: Showing aggressive pride in one's masculinity. Having qualities and characteristics of assertiveness and dominance.

A: I would say no to the first sentence because Ky is not the type to express his masculinity in a exaggerated way(like drinking beer, etc.) But the second sentence is 100% true. Ky is assertive(decisive, firm, confident, etc.) and dominant(authoritative, level-headed, influential, etc.) proven by all the evidence I mention earlier.

3. Manly:(Strength is listed again and since I addressed this in #1 and #2, I'm going with its other definition) A man having characteristics of courage, chivalry, and determination.

A: Yes. Ky has all of these and is shown numerous times.

4. Muscular: Having well-developed muscles.

A: Yes. One of the synonyms for muscular is athletic, which I earlier proved Ky has an athletic build.

5. Rugged: (of a face) wrinkled or furrowed, as by experience or the endurance of hardship. Roughly irregular, heavy, or hard in outline or form; craggy.

A: No. Ky has a sophisticated appearance and body shape, which I mentioned earlier he is not like Sol.

CONCLUSION: Ky Kiske is 100% masculine and 100% heterosexual.


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