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This page is dedicated to a bunch of Guilty Gear hentai doujinshi (pornographic fan-made comics) that I've found in various archives and converted into .PDFs. Most of these are still in their original Japanese. I chose to archive these because I admire the ghost of the early Guilty Gear online community and the effort that was put into scanning and perserving fan works, even if it's "just porn." These comics are older than some of my friends, they deserve to be dusted off and saved.

== WHAT ==


The oldest of these is from the year 2000 while the most recent ones are from 2002 (except for one, which is from 2008—more details in its listing), placing them all in the GGX to GGXX era of Guilty Gear. Based on the image data, it seems these were scanned by multiple people between the years 2002 to about 2004. Some of these might still be hosted on hentai sites out there, but I don't care enough to sift through them to find out.


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General warnings on all of these for typical hentai content: ridiculous expressions, excessive bodily fluids, dubious consent. Nothing here is published after 2009, features May or Bridget in sexual contexts (before Xrd they were minors), and no Sol/Dizzy.

These are organized by which character has the most focus in the doujin. The "Multiple" section at the bottom features stories that either have a large cast that made organizing them into the other sections difficult or are otherwise split into multiple chapters with different pairings.


== ANJI ==

== Beast of East:
.PDF - The only Anji-focused doujin in the archive and one of the least sexual. Has some censored panty shots and that's about it. There was a May pinup in the back that I removed.

== BAIKEN ==

== About Him & Her:
- .PDF - Baiken/Anji. The original scan quality of this one is poor, which is a shame because the story it tells is actually good. Some day I might try to clean this one up.

== Reoparu Hon 6 by Dorepole:
- .PDF - Baiken/Random Men.

== Chaos Step 2:
- .PDF - Baiken/Slayer. Another one with low quality scans.

== DIZZY ==

== Type C:
- .PDF - Dizzy/Ky.

== Junk 4:
- .PDF - Dizzy/Tentacles. NOTE: This one is especially graphic. Warnings for stomach distension and rectal prolapse.

== JAM ==

== Unfixed 2:
- .PDF - Jam/Dizzy, Baiken.

== Battery:
- .PDF - Jam/Ky, Sol. This one has the hilarious Sol dragon dick in it.

== Guilty Gea [sic]:
- .PDF - Jam/Sol, Jam/Dizzy (& Sol, kinda).

== P7:
- .PDF - Jam/Sol, Non-Guilty Gear. A rare doujinshi here where both parties look like they're actually having fun. The first story has Mai Shiranui from Fatal Fury/King of Fighters, then the Jam/Sol one, then a story with Kasumi from Dead or Alive 2.

== Hard Candy 2:
- .PDF - Jam/Sol (and a bit of Axl). There were some cameos by women from other fighting games in this one and after looking up the ages of two of them, I gave up and removed them all.

== Seen Cyber C:
- .PDF - Jam/Sol. Just boobies in this one. Ky turns into a woman and Sol makes some interesting expressions. There are a few 4koma strips near the back. Honestly have no idea what the hell's going on.

== MILLIA ==

== Impet Prod:
- .PDF - Millia/Faust.

== Effective Temperature:
- .PDF - Millia/Jam.

== Together:
- .PDF - Millia/Venom.

== Is Millia-san Fast?:
- .PDF - Millia/Zato. At 7 pages? I'd say she is.

== SOL/KY ==

== Applsidra's Impressive Sol/Ky Collection - Japanese:
- Tumblr FAQ/Links - Google Drive Directory - Archive.org - E-Hentai
-- This is a massive collection of scanned doujinshi/light novels ranging from light/comedic fluff to hardcore, rancid, man-on-man debauchery. Read the information provided in the Google Drive directories and Archive hosts to navigate around the content you don't want to see — Applsidra has done an incredible job organizing these works. Once all of her collection is scanned, there will be over 110 books in the archive.

== Christ - English:
- .PDF - This one is from 2004 (scanlated in 2008) and was fully scanlated by skuldydrabble over on LiveJournal, with additional credits going to doctorskuld and asphodel. I left the circle tag intact on the file as it was named in skuldy's original upload, [Serenade] (Yuu Shizuki). Only very mildly sexual compared to the other comics in this archive; mostly features an intimate moment between Ky and Sol bookended by poetical dialog. Decided to rehost this after my buddy Tillman told me about a doujinshi that compared gay sex to Jesus Christ's resurrection, and then managed to find the whole thing. Only one of the original hosts of this scanlation still worked. Gotta keep these things alive.

This poem from the very first page of the Isuka Outlive Encyclopedia:

skuldydrabble, who did the scanlation of the doujinshi above this, did a translation of this poem into English:

Hostility is akin to love
Thinking of your opponent’s actions to fight
Reading your opponent’s inner thoughts to fight
Planning attacks that will hit your opponent to fight
And then transmitting your thoughts with those attacks
The more you think of your own advantage, at the same time you think of your opponent
In the instant you mix with your opponent, a passionate feeling arises, and blood boils
Reality is hurt, and you wound your opponent
Hostility is akin to love


== Omoshiroi You Ni Uo Ga Toreru N Desu:
- .PDF - Dizzy, Millia.

== Tabeta Kigasuru 52:
- .PDF - Dizzy/Necros, Millia/Zato

== Gung-Ho Prod:
- .PDF - Jam/Millia/Faust. Cute Moomin drawing near the back.

== FCD:
- .PDF - Baiken/Sol, Zato/Venom (sfw), Jam/Dizzy.

== Guilty Millia Rage:
- .PDF - Millia/Random Assassins/Venom, Jam/Faust. Venom does an interesting trick with a billiards ball. Very interesting.