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Welcome to my CyberZone. This page is mostly dedicated to my Guilty Gear scanlations but it's also kind of a personal site too - I don't want to lock it in to just one thing. Overall it's a work in progress side project, this site, but it's currently at least in a functional state. Guilty Gear itself is mostly an all-ages series but there may be some "spicy" art or links floating around here. Nothing explicitly graphic, but something to be mindful of if you don't like that kind of content. I'll try to provide warnings for pages with explicit content near the top of the page or directly by the link itself.

What The Hell Is A Guilty Gear: Guilty Gear is a Japanese fighting game series made by Arc System Works and most of the art, music, character designs, and lore/story were made by Daisuke Ishiwatari. The lore for this series is insane and I love it so much. For example, one of the main characters' names is Sol Badguy. He's very loosely based on Freddie Mercury and was formerly a human until he had the essence of an interdimensional bioweapon dragon (Gears) put into him unwillingly by his best friend, Asuka. Sol is guilty of many things and he is also a Gear. A lot of the side media for this series was never translated into English (from Japanese) so I have taken it upon myself to do it.

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    September 24, 2022

    I translate and scan Guilty Gear stuff after work when I feel like it and don't have a real estimate for how long any of this will take me, but I do try to finish at least something every few weeks. For completed projects, go to the Archives. Here is what I currently have on the table:

    🔥Gallery page: Finished coding the page for the GG2OMC art book!! Will start working on the page(s) for the GGX2k2k7 art book next, once I clean up the GG2O page some more so I can just copy the code over to it.

    🔥NEW! Artworks of Guilty Gear X 2000-2007 [AoGGX 2k-2k7]: Current priority project. All art, cover, dustjacket, and obi are fully scanned and cleaned. 18 captions left to translate. Almost done!!!!

    🔥Guilty Gear 2 -Overture- Material Collection [GG2OMC]: There were few illustrations with captions in this book and all of those have completed. Currently working on translating the 8 short stories in this art book. Three of the stories have both been completed so far, with Izuna's, OYABIN'S TALE OF PAST & PRESENT, being the most recently completed. I'm doing these in the order they were put into the book, which is: Sol, Sin, Izuna, Dr. Paradigm, Valentine, Ky, Raven, and That Man. These stories will be compiled into a single PDF and uploaded to Archive once they're all completed.



    -- September 24, 2022

    The poll to decide what I'll work on after the GGX art book ended today with the Anthology manga beating Lightning the Argent by two votes! Thank you everyone who voted. There are also only 18 captions left to translate from the GGX art book now too. ALMOST DONE!!!

    -- September 21, 2022

    Been a while since the last update! Sorry about that. I've been super focused on both work and finishing up the GGX art book lately. Only 31 captions left to translate!!! All the pages, the dustjacket, cover, and obi (book details band) are scanned and cleaned. Nearly finished with my September work too, then I've got October "off" (moving platforms from Patreon to Ko-Fi for work stuff) so once this is all done, I'll be able to finish this book at long last... I've made a poll that ends on Friday (Sept. 23rd, 2022) to decide which project I work on after the GGX art book, the Lightning the Argent light novel or the GGX/GGXX Anthology manga. You can vote on it over here. I'll post another update after the poll ends to announce what's coming next.

    OH!! One more thing. I was able to snag a copy of the Dengeki PlayStation magazine issue from 1996 that's got the GG Missing Link beta preview in it! I had to use a proxy service to buy it from the site and it's not going to be here for a long while yet, but I am very excited to scanlate this thing. There are scans of the GG parts online already except they're low res and difficult/impossible to read. This issue was my white whale. Still can't believe I was able to get a copy... I'll update here once it comes in too. See ya Saturday after that poll ends!

    -- August 29, 2022

    Wow, 20,000 views... Thank you all so much!! I have no idea how 20,000 people have found this page, but I appreciate it so much I drew a picture of Sol with the Neocities cat.

    -- August 25, 2022

    Izuna's story is finally finished!!! This is probably the most difficult thing I have ever translated. So many cultural nuances... Check it out: OYABIN'S TALE OF PAST & PRESENT

    -- August 23, 2022

    Been working on getting a big batch of GGX art book captions done lately and started work on Izuna's GG2Overture short story too, which is currently sitting at about 1/3rd of the way done. Cleaned up the site a little bit too and started getting the code together for the GGX captions pages. It'll be a while before I start importing those in, but it's good knowing that my code is somehow clean enough to run 50 instances of the Javascript to make the images pop out when you click on them lol. Some of the code on my site's still kinda buggy on Chromium-based browsers so I've been trying to smooth that out too. Firefox seems to be the best way to view it all at the moment by far. Also, wow!!! Passed 20,000 views recently! Thank you everyone. Imagining 20,000 people looking at my site blows my mind...

    -- August 11, 2022

    Congrats to Bridget! Sorry for slow updates. Been working on some more GGX captions/scans on top of the new month getting here (with new work) and the start of this month in general being kinda rough!! I'm currently making a red leather jacket and reading up on HTML/CSS still to optimize the gallery captions page code. It loads kinda janky on Chromium browsers still... hmm... I'll figure it out eventually.

    -- August 3, 2022

    Back to work today. But I procrastinated a bit and made a page for all the mixed cassette tapes I've put together for funsies. Still working on some GGX captions and cleaning up the GG2O captions page on here before putting together the one for the GGX captions. Poking away at Izuna's story too. It's gonna take a while though.

    -- July 29, 2022

    FINALLY I have completed a gallery page for the illustrations and translated captions for the GG2OMC art book. Got the JP manuscript for Izuna's story from the same art book edited and ready for translating into English too. Check out the gallery page!! I used JAVASCRIPT for the first time on it!!: --

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