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Welcome to my CyberZone. I do scans, translations, and art. This site is mostly dedicated to my Guilty Gear stuff.


I translate and scan Guilty Gear stuff after work when I feel like it and don't have a real estimate for how long any of this will take me. Recent major updates will have this icon:

July 18, 2024

GUILTY GEAR (MISSING LINK) COMIC ANTHOLOGY: English chapters 1-10 & 15 are uploaded in .PDF form in the Archives. Also on Mangadex, where they can be read in-browser without downloading: MANGADEX. Chapters 10, 11, and 12 are cleaned. Chapter 10 is up.

February 1, 2024

Guilty Gear X: Lightning the Argent [LtA]: Ky light novel. 222 pages. First draft of chapter 1 is complete and in the archives. Table of contents and illustrations need some work, but those are low priority. Feb. 1 update: Tweaked some tiny stuff.
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-- July 18, 2024

Chapter 10 of the Missing Link Comic Anthology, THE GREAT ILLUSION - EPISODE 1: CATS WALK ALONE, is translated. PDF in the Archives, webview over on Mangadex. Next project is finishing the Character Designer article I should've done back in like February. Thanks to kaialone and Bramble for help with Johnny's nightmarish accent this chapter. Still not entirely sure I translated his lines right but w/e close enough lol

-- July 14, 2024

Added a FAQ page. Cleaned up the code on the hentai doujinshi page and added Noblesse Oblige, an English translated doujinshi featuring Slayer (hairy!!) and Axl. Thanks to Oka Desu for sending it to me! Also, the first draft of the English translation of chapter 10 of the '98 Comic Anthology is done. Finally. Just need to read it over one more time, timeset the text, and redraw the small handful of SFX. Hoping to have that online before the end of the week.
Btw I've got some Jack-O' keychains up for preorder on my Ko-fi shop until the 24th. Please check it out, I'm really happy with them.

-- July 3, 2024

Vaporbabe finished the English re-localization of Night of Knives!!! Send him some thanks over on Twitter for the hard work!!
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I keep forgetting what needs to be done around here

  • Port GG2OMC stories to new layout and ddd footnotes/fix translation errors. 1 of 8 done.
  • Update GIFS and GIFS-ROTATE pages to the new layout.
  • Fill in info for Tape VI. on the Tapes/Mixed page.
  • Write that archivists manifesto thing. Port how to scan comics/mags/books tutorial and the digital archive tutorial onto here.
  • Collect a list of Arcadia Monthly issues with GG articles.
  • Rehost all GuiltyGear.ru materials.
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