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Welcome to my CyberZone. I do scans, translations, and art. This site is mostly dedicated to my Guilty Gear stuff.


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I translate and scan Guilty Gear stuff after work when I feel like it and don't have a real estimate for how long any of this will take me. For completed projects, go to the Archives. Recent major updates will have this icon:

September 21, 2023

GUILTY GEAR (MISSING LINK) COMIC ANTHOLOGY: Archive.org (raw JP scans) - Scans are done and uploaded. Chapters 1-8 are uploaded in .PDF form in the Archives. Also on Mangadex, where they can be read in-browser without downloading: MANGADEX. Finished chapter 08.

Nov. 26, 2023

Guilty Gear X: Lightning the Argent [LtA]: Ky light novel. 222 pages. Frontispiece illustrations, table of contents, and credits page are drafted Chapter 1, parts 1 & 2 rough drafts are done. Chapter 1 is 3 parts. Just finished part 2 rough draft, will start 3 soon. Unlike with the Begin translation, I'll upload the full chapter onto here once it's finished instead of waiting until the entire book is complete.





-- December 6, 2023

Very recently found some cleaner scans of the Dengeki PS Oct. '95 GG article on the Dengeki Online website of all places. Right under my nose this whole time!! It's clean enough that I can finally read the few parts I was unable to when I translated that article earlier this year. Hoping to get the updated translation and the cleaner images upscaled then added to the document soon.

-- December 1, 2023

Added a new page for the Dengeki PlayStation GG articles, both missing and scanned/translated. It's linked in the Masterpost and Sitemap. Still missing photos of the table of contents for most pages, but it's functional.

-- November 24, 2023

New Guestbook running off of VIRTUALOBSERVER's Google Sheets/Forms code. I can reply now lol. Thank you to everyone that ever sent nice messages through the old Guestbook. Still need to adjust how it looks, but it works for now.

-- November 19, 2023

Added Guilty Gear -Strive- Artworks Archive art book to the Masterpost and Archives. This is the book that came with the Strive GG 25th Anniversary Box set.

-- November 17, 2023

Added GG Unaired Drafts Collection art book to the Masterpost.

-- November 9, 2023

Major update to the GGMasterpost. Added jump navigation, better organization, and some other light editing. Added a link to this section of Index to lead to the Masterpost. Probably gonna update that a lot in the future. Also, a new Guilty Gear wiki is in the works. Goodbye, Fandom Wiki.

-- November 1, 2023

Happy November. Merged the information in CREDITS to BACKYARD, added Applsidra's Sol/Ky doujinshi scans links/navigation to DOUJINSHI/TITTYMAGS, tweaked overall site code, added some navigation links to ABOUT. Throughout October, I did the Soltober challenge for the 3rd year in a row. This is essentially Inktober but with Sol Badguy. You can see all the drawings I did for it in this gallery folder on my Ko-fi page: link to gallery. I also got the GGXX Complete Guide, GGXX #RELOAD Complete Guide, and the GGStrive season 3 cover issue of Weekly Famitsu in the mail today. The two guides kinda suck, but I'll be scanning them all eventually with the Famitsu issue being the first on the list. Hoping to get back into the swing of translations again here soon, too.


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