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Welcome to my CyberZone. I do scans, translations, and art. This site is mostly dedicated to my Guilty Gear stuff.


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I translate and scan Guilty Gear stuff after work when I feel like it and don't have a real estimate for how long any of this will take me. For completed projects, go to the Archives. Recent major updates will have this icon:

September 21, 2023

GUILTY GEAR (MISSING LINK) COMIC ANTHOLOGY: Archive.org (raw JP scans) - Scans are done and uploaded. Chapters 1-8 are uploaded in .PDF form in the Archives. Also on Mangadex, where they can be read in-browser without downloading: MANGADEX. Finished chapter 08.

August 12, 2023

Guilty Gear X: Lightning the Argent [LtA]: Ky light novel. 222 pages. Part 1 of chapter 1 rough draft is done. Unlike with the Begin translation, I'll upload the full chapter onto here once it's finished instead of waiting until the entire book is complete.



-- September 28, 2023

Translated HELIOGENOMS VER.4.0 by Denki Akiba. In the Archives and webview over on Mangadex..

-- September something, 2023

Forgot to update this. Added the (fully translated, English) "Christ" doujinshi to the erotic fanbook archives. It's a Sol/Ky doujinshi that's quite poetic. Thanks to Tillman for finding it. Also added the bones of Mixed Tape VI to the tapes page.

-- September 21, 2023

Chapter 08 of the GGCA, DIARY OF A SUPER!! SIMPLE SOUL, completed. Archives. Webview on Mangadex

-- September 17, 2023

New About page layout. Updated some stuff on the rest of the site too. It should be a little easier to read now. 40% of the way done applying the translated GGCA 08 text to the pages too.

-- September 5, 2023

Finally overhauled and updated the Japanese learning resources page. Added a bunch of new things and changed the organization of it to make it a little easier for completely new learners to dive into it. --

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