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Welcome to my CyberZone. This page is mostly dedicated to my Guilty Gear scanlations but it's also kind of a personal site too - I don't want to lock it in to just one thing. Overall it's a work in progress side project, this site, but it's currently at least in a functional state. Guilty Gear itself is mostly an all-ages series but there may be some "spicy" art or links floating around here. Nothing explicitly graphic, but something to be mindful of if you don't like that kind of content. I'll try to provide warnings for pages with explicit content near the top of the page or directly by the link itself.

What The Hell Is A Guilty Gear: Guilty Gear is a Japanese fighting game series made by Arc System Works and most of the art, music, character designs, and lore/story were made by Daisuke Ishiwatari. The lore for this series is insane and I love it so much. For example, one of the main characters' names is Sol Badguy. He's very loosely based on Freddie Mercury and was formerly a human until he had the essence of an interdimensional bioweapon dragon (Gears) put into him unwillingly by his best friend, Asuka. Sol is guilty of many things and he is also a Gear. A lot of the side media for this series was never translated into English (from Japanese) so I have taken it upon myself to do it.

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    January 23, 2023

    I translate and scan Guilty Gear stuff after work when I feel like it and don't have a real estimate for how long any of this will take me, but I do try to finish at least something every few weeks. For completed projects, go to the Archives. Here is what I currently have on the table:

    🔥 Guilty Gear 2 -Overture- Material Collection [GG2OMC]: It's done. - Neocities Mirror .PDF (64.2mb) - This is a .PDF of all of the illustrations and their captions plus the short stories translated into English. The Archive page has a webview too, as well as a folder of the full resolution scans. The stories are also hosted on pages here on Neocities: Short Stories Neocities Index

    🔥 GUILTY GEAR (MISSING LINK) COMIC ANTHOLOGY: - Scans are done and uploaded. Working on a translation next.



    -- January 23, 2023

    Anthology manga scans are on now. Next: Translating.

    -- January 22, 2023

    BIG update. Cleaned the formatting up on the Overture stories index as well as the older stories' pages. Some of the older stories (especially Sin's) had their translations cleaned up a bit too. These new pages have been added to the Archives page alongside a Neocities host of the .PDF. I uploaded the .PDF for the Begin translation too, which is also on the Archives page.

    Recently I skinned the Missing Link Anthology manga and the GGX 4koma Kings manga. The Missing Link one has been fully scanned and I should be finished cleaning the scans soon. I'll also finally be starting on the Lightning the Argent translation very soon. My ass hurts from sitting all day. Until next time.

    -- January 3, 2023

    Happy new year!!! I finished the Dengeki PlayStation scans and got it uploaded today. Here's the link ( and description that I wrote for it on the archives page here on my site:
    Full scan of an issue of Dengeki Playstation. It has an article on an early/beta build of what would become the first Guilty Gear game, Guilty Gear: The Missing Link. There are also articles on Final Fantasy 7, Tekken 2, Street Fighter ZERO, Samurai Shodown III, Darkstalkers, Sailor Moon Super S., and numerous reviews for other games that released around 1996. Archive has a webview mode for the .PDF so it can be flipped through without downloading. I'd like to translate the Guilty Gear article but that's all I have plans to translate from this issue.

    -- December 12, 2022

    Oh My God It's A SITEMAP. Added some new cool sites to backyard.html too. Finished translating Ky's story today so here that is: JUSTICE FOR WHO?

    -- December 10, 2022

    UGH so long between updates again!!!!! Finished two more of the Overture short stories and put them up on here: INTRODUCTION TO METAPHYSICS (Paradigm) and THE FIRST ONE (Valentine). I figured out how to get text to display how it looks in the code too so I didn't have to slap P tags on every single line by hand. Seems to have some issues with text properties, like italics, that I haven't figured out how to fix yet but it's a minor thing and I'm not too worried about it. The next Overture stories are all apparently pretty easy and I got the Japanese manuscript for Ky's compiled today. Just 3 left!

    The Dengeki PlayStation issue is also fully scanned and I'm (slowly) working on cleaning up those pages now. I also got a copy of the Missing Link manga (Guilty Gear Comics Anthology) that I'll also be scanlating some day, and two of the 4koma manga in the mail. Would really like to start working on Lightning the Argent soon but we'll see how it goes lol. Since Duolingo shat the bed recently with its latest update, I've been messing around with alternative Japanese study materials and am planning an overhaul of my JP studies page for whenever I have time to move all those giant blocks of text around.

    I completed the first draft of the fanfiction mentioned last update. It's just under 19,000 words. Unfortunately, I'm sick of looking at it and don't feel like cleaning it up. Maybe one day.

    Might get at least Ky's story translated before the new year gets here but, if I don't, happy holidays and happy new year!!

    -- October 27, 2022

    Been a while, huh? I've been super busy lately but the Missing Link vinyl came in at the beginning of October and I finally got around to scanning it. Here's the information box I typed about it up above that I very tactfully am pasting down here: Channel 3 Records Guilty Gear: Missing Link Vinyl Art & Book: Scans of the short art booklet included with Channel 3 Records' release of the Guilty Gear: Missing Link soundtrack on vinyl. The booklet also has a brief interview with series creator and composer, Daisuke Ishiwatari. There's a page on here with the scans and text transcription but I also uploaded it over on

    I also got in a copy of Dengeki Playstation F2 April Special Issue, Volume 19, April 10, 1996, which has some information about Missing Link when it was still in the beta stage and used 3D models. This issue has some stuff about Tekken 2 and what looks like an early build of Final Fantasy 7, too. I'll scan this whole thing for everyone some day but it's a big issue so it'll take a while. REALLY want to work on finishing up those Overture short stories here soon so I can move on to the GGX Anthology manga. Work picks back up in November though, on top of general holiday stuff. Not sure when my next update here will be but I'll try my best!!!

    I've also been writing a GG fanfiction that takes place between chapter 6 and the epilogue of Begin; the 6 months where Frederick was a Gear but didn't have his limiter yet. It's currently at about 12,000 words. I'm having a lot of fun with it. Might post that over on here too once it's done but I'd like to build a layout that's easier to read big blocks of text on first. In any case, it will definitely be posted over on Archive of Our Own. If I finish it.

    Until next time


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