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This is a directory of official Guilty Gear media as well as fan translations of the Japanese-only media.
Originally a fork of the giant masterpost of GG fanworks that I have on my Tumblr.

== THE WHAT ==


LAST UPDATED: June 2, 2024

Separated the big .ZIP that had a bunch of guide books crammed into it + 1st Gig. Added Vaporbabe's translation of Night of Knives Vol.2

Please contact me if there are translations in other languages (or I missed something) and I will add them to this post.

Wanna help out but have never scanned a book before? Here's a guide I wrote on book scanning: Tumblr Link

Anything with this by it is new.

See this page for a guide to the "canon" of Guilty Gear as well as how the hell to get into it all.

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Official Media

Fan Translations/Scans

——————— OFFICIAL MEDIA ———————

== GAMES ==


Videos, comics, etc.

🔥 Guilty Gear Series Story Digest Comics - Published: October 11, 2020 - A short comic series recapping the lore up until Strive. Skips GGXX and Vastedge's lore.

Official Website - English, Japanese, Korean.

Archive.org - English.

🔥 Guilty Gear Lore: Heaven or Hell - Published: October 20, 2020 - Seven videos by WoolieVersus recapping Guilty Gear lore sponsored by ASW. The first video has some inaccuracies, but they're otherwise very solid.

YouTube Playlist - English audio.

🔥 ExplaMaytions with May! (教えて!説メイちゃん) - Air Date: May 18—23, 2021 - Six videos summarizing some basic GG lore stuff (like magic) and the lore up until Strive. Skips GGXX and Vastedge's lore.

YouTube Playlist - Japanese audio, English subtitles.

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I have done my best to link all of the works here back to their original scanlator/translator's uploads and hosting websites:

🔥 Volcanic Fighter (aka Nincopyjasb) - If there's a surviving archive for something Guilty Gear, Volcanic probably has it. Works in English and Spanish.

Twitter - Youtube

🔥 Justice Revival Project (aka Longshotte) - Formed solely to translate the GG Xtra manga.

Mangadex - Twitter

🔥 Ed Chang - One of the first, and most prolific, JP>EN translators in the GG community, as well as a popular Gamefaqs author for the old GG games. Used to have a personal website that hosted his works but it is lost to time. He is a name you will see often in old archived works.

🔥 Sol Radguy :)

Email: junkyarddogmkii [at] gmail [dot] com
Archive.org - Neocities - Mangadex

🔥 Tillman - Scans and archives manga and Encyclopedia/guide book volumes, as well as rips animations and other information from Vastedge and the old games.

Neocities - Tumblr - Archive.org

🔥 LesbianGiratina - Has scanned a very substantial chunk of the Guilty Gear trading cards. Also scans some of the rarer side media or special release editions of games.


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Books, drama CD transcriptions, game script transcriptions, any document that is majority text-only.

🔥Guilty Gear Begin - Light novel focused on Frederick (pre-Gear Sol Badguy). The current earliest point in the lore.

English (Sol Radguy): Tumblr - Archive.org
Español (Volcanic): Dropbox

🔥 Lightning The Argent - Light novel focused on Ky. Currently does not have a full English translation, but Volcanic has completed a Spanish translation. Sol Radguy is currently working on an English version.

English, Chapter 1, complete (Radguy): Neocities (This is in progress)

English, Chapter 1, part 1 (Volcanic): Dropbox
Español, complete (Volcanic) - Dropbox
Español Resumen - Dropbox (Volcanic; story summary in Spanish)

🔥The Butterfly & Her Gale - Light novel focused on Chipp. Translations here are by Volcanic, who is also working on a full translation.

Español Resumen - Dropbox (story summary in Spanish)
English, Chapter 1 - Dropbox

🔥Guilty Gear 2 -Overture- Material Collection - Art book for Overture. There are 8 short stories in it.

English, Volcanic (Izuna, Paradigm, & Valentine) - Dropbox
-- Español - Dropbox
English, Sol Radguy (complete) - Tumblr - Neocities
-- Archive.org (.PDF + uncompressed scans)

🔥GG Xrd: The Unseen Sign - Intro? story to Guilty Gear Xrd included in the Arc System Works 25th Anniversary Official Character Collection art book. Translations by Volcanic.

English - Dropbox
Español - Dropbox

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The following translation documents were originally hosted on guiltygear.ru, which is blocked for some people due to having a Russian web domain. I have rehosted these on my site and compiled a .PDF of all the translations for ease of reading and portability:


🔥 Night of Knives - GGXX drama CD mainly focused on Zato and Millia with some Venom and Slayer. Translations by Blade (vol. 1-3), Mei (ES side stories), and Volcanic (EN side stories).
NOTE: The volume 1-3 translations done by Blade (aka Blade Galewind, Mimeblade, gear-project), who is known for purposely misinterpreting lore and inserting headcanons into translations. Unfortunately, these are the only translations out there of these drama CDs. The Spanish translations of these 3 volumes worked off Blade's English ones. Read at your own risk. A new translation is currently in progress by Vaporbabe.

English: Vaporbabe (hosted on the Guilty Gear Wiki):
=== Vol.1, Vol.2, Vol.3 (WIP)

English: guiltygear.ru:
=== Vol.1, Vol.2, Vol.3
=== Español: Dropbox

+Robo-Ky side story:
=== English: Dropbox
=== Español: Dropbox
+A.B.A. side story:
=== English: Dropbox
=== Español: Dropbox
+Axl side story:
=== English: Neocities
=== Español: Dropbox

🔥 GGX Drama CD - A bunch of the cast have a big fight over some Old War Technology (black tech). English translations by Ed Chang, Spanish translations by Aegis High and Volcanic.
NOTE: There are significant errors in Ed Chang's translation (& possibly in Aegis High's & Volcanic's, which worked off of Chang's text), the biggest of which is the infamous "Johnny Sfondi" last name mistranslation. Cross-reference information presented in these texts with more recent confirmed canon before using it as a source or citation. Ed Chang's statement on these translations can be read here: screenshot. Tl;dr: Chang was new to Japanese translation and the mistakes were honest accidents. These translations are nearly 20 years old. Vaporbabe may very well do a new translation for this CD too.

--Disc 01:
=== English: guiltygear.ru
=== Español: Dropbox
--Disc 02:
=== English: guiltygear.ru
=== Español: Dropbox
+Dizzy & Testament side story (from when they first meet):
English: Included at the end of Chang's Disc 02 translation.
=== Español: Dropbox

🔥GGXX Drama CD Sides Red & Black - This is an alternate timeline where Ky is killed during the Crusades. English translations by Ed Chang, Spanish translations by Volcanic.

English: guiltygear.ru (red) - guiltygear.ru (black)
Español: Dropbox

+Night of the Living Dolls extra story (feat. Zappa):
English: At the end of Chang's Side Red translation.
Español: Dropbox

+Letter extra story (a letter from Dizzy to Testament):
English: At the end of Chang's Side Black translation ("A Message from Dizzy to You")
Español: Dropbox

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🔥GG Petit 2 - Fanny & Faust arcade modes dialog. Translation by Volcanic.

English - Dropbox

== Fanny win/lose quotes. Translation by @kaialone.

English - Tumblr

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Anything my dad would just call a "comic book," and other books that are mostly images.

🔥Guilty Gear (1998) Comic Anthology - The first anthology manga published for GG. This is a collection of isolated stories, both original to the volume and recaps of parts of the lore. Sol Radguy is currently working on this. Fábrica de Lutadores and Maxima-Dub are also working on a Brazilian Portuguese translation. Chapters 1 - 8 are in English, while the first two are in Portuguese.

Full volume raws (Japanese): Archive.org
English & Portuguese translations: Mangadex

🔥Guilty Gear Xtra - Manga that introduces two new characters that promptly get forgotten by the lore at large. Scanlation by Justice Revival Project.

English: MangaDex - Archive.org (incomplete)

🔥Various 4Koma Strips- Funny strips from the 4koma (four panel strips) manga translated by Illym. These rely heavily on machine translation, which isn't always accurate, but Illym verifies the translated text with other translators and dictionaries. Open to critique and suggestions.

English: Tumblr Tag

Official Guilty Gear Anthology- A short anthology book containing illustrations, short stories, 4koma strips, and some teaser stuff for Strive season 3. It was released as an April Fool's joke in 2024. Not to be confused with the Guilty Gear Anthology (1998)...

Japanese: Archive.org

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🔥Guilty Gear Complete Bible, GGXX The Midnight Carnival Starter Encyclopedia, GG Isuka Complete Guide, GGXX Accent Core +R A Gainful Material, + 1st Gig Artbook. - 1st Gig scans by Lux/Xaeldritch.

Japanese: Archive.org

🔥Guilty Gear Complete Bible - Higher quality - Higher quality scans than what are in the above listing. Not sure who scanned these, please drop me a line if you know.

Japanese: Archive.org

🔥Artworks of Guilty Gear X 2000-2004 - Art book collecting a decent chunk of Daisuke' art from GGX through to early GGXX. Contains more rough sketches than the 2007 sequel as well as an interview with Daisuke in the back. The available scans are very low quality. The original interview translation was by fairymisao with additional translation and editing by Sol Radguy.

Raws: Archive.org
Interview, English: Archive.org

🔥Artworks of Guilty Gear X 2000-2007 - Art book collecting (most) of Daisuke’s work going from GGX through to Isuka. Does not have anything from Overture, despite it being in production around the time this book was published. Translation by Sol Radguy.

English: Tumblr tag - Archive.org

🔥Guilty Gear X: Drafting Artworks - Collects a bunch of concept sketches for character designs but most of it is roughs for their moves. Has some lore stuff and map design stuff.

Japanese: Archive.org

Guilty Gear 1st Gig - Small art booklet containing guest art from older games and a preview for Overture in the back. Scans by Lux/Xaeldritch.

Japanese: Archive.org

🔥Guilty Gear 2 Overture Material Collection - This is a loose folder of all the artwork from this art book but a bit out of order and with additional illustrations from the Overture era of Guilty Gear. I did new scans of this but I keep forgetting to clean and upload them.

Japanese: Dropbox

🔥Guilty Gear Unaired Drafts Collection - A small artbook exclusive to the Limited Editions of the Guilty Gear 20th Anniversary Pack, a bundle release of Guilty Gear and Guilty Gear XX Λ Core Plus R for the Nintendo Switch.

Japanese: Archive.org

🔥Guilty Gear Codex - A small lore/story glossary exclusive to the Aksys Games limited edition release of Xrd Sign. Lots of interesting lore things in this. Some of it seems to have been translated from the 10th Memorial Book, but I'd check with secondary sources before citing it exclusively.

English: Archive.org

🔥Guilty Gear Xrd (Revelator) Visual Book - Small art book included in the special edition release of XrdRev in Europe and Japan. This is a scan of the European book, which is in English (mostly). These scans were done by birthdaytrain and were compiled it into a .PDF for Archive by Sol Radguy.

English: Archive.org

Guilty Gear 10th Memorial Book - Book celebrating the 10th anniversary of Guilty Gear. Clear images of some rare illustrations in it that weren't reprinted elsewhere, such as the Isuka arcade ending art. Scanned by tallgreenlady/ashunera.

Japanese: Archive.org

🔥ASW 25th Anniversary Official Character Collection - Celebrates Arc System Works surviving for 25 years. Sol's on the cover but has stuff for Blazblue and some other ASW properties. Originally scanned by tokimekicn. - This could use a rescan.

Japanese: Archive.org

🔥Guilty Gear -Strive- Artworks Archive, Japanese - This is the small art book that came with the Guilty Gear -Strive- 25th Anniversary Box. Has a lot of the same character concept art that can be unlocked in the game, but a few characters have some new pieces too. There is also a gallery for NPCs, story mode/stage props, and concept art for the stage. I also included scans of the little notecard with a message from Daisuke Ishiwatari.

Japanese: Archive.org

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🔥Channel 3 Records Guilty Gear: Missing Link Vinyl Art and Interview Book - A 2LP that came with a short booklet containing some ML era GG art and a brief interview with Daisuke himself. Sol Radguy did not rip the music from the records for this archive. In-house translation.

English (some Japanese): Archive.org

🔥Dengeki PlayStation F, Volume 10 (October 13, 1995) - Volume 19 of the Japanese gaming magazine, Dengeki PlayStation. Has an article on what appears to be the first printed appearance of any sort of Guilty Gear 1 material. Very early prototype stuff in this. Translation by Sol Radguy.

Japanese, English: Archive.org

🔥Dengeki PlayStation F2, April Special Issue, Volume 19 (April 10, 1996) - Volume 19 of the Japanese gaming magazine, Dengeki PlayStation. Has an article on an early build of GG Missing Link. This issue also has articles for Final Fantasy 7, Tekken 2, Street Fighter Zero, Darkstalkers, and a lot more. Translation by Sol Radguy.

Full magazine raws: Archive.org
English translation of the Guilty Gear article: Archive.org

🔥Character Designer Magazine, Issue 1, Fall 2003 - Magazine article showing super early concept art for characters. Scanned by @lesbiangiratina . Text is in Japanese but Radguy is working on an English translation.

Japanese: Google Drive

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🔥A.B.A. Design Documents - Original analog sketches used for A.B.A.'s design and for the design of her moveset. Courtesy of famiccha on Twitter.

Google Drive

🔥Vastedge Design Documents/Concept Art - 43 pages of what seem to be printout scans of official design documents for the Vastedge dev team. Scanned by Tillman.


🔥Asura System Guilty Gear Trading Cards - Scans of some of the Guilty Gear cards made for the Asura System TCG. Scanned by @lesbiangiratina. The cards are in Japanese.

Japanese: Google Drive

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No one has translated any of these and a lot of them are uploaded together. Most of the guide books have not been scanned. See the MISSING STUFF section below for what's not here.

Guilty Gear Complete Bible

Japanese: Archive.org

🔥Guilty Gear X SLASH Encyclopedia - Scans by Sol Radguy. Special thanks to @dizzyrobo for lending a copy to be scanned.

Japanese: Archive.org

GG Isuka Complete Guide

Japanese: Archive.org

GGXX The Midnight Carnival Starter Encyclopedia

Japanese: Archive.org

🔥GGXX The Midnight Carnival Burst Encyclopedia - Scans by Tillman

Japanese: Archive.org

🔥GGXX Slash Beat Encyclopedia - A.B.A. and Order Sol were introduced in XX Slash, so this guidebook has a lot of stuff featuring them. Intro/win dialog transcriptions + Slayer haiku table, too.

Japanese: Archive.org

GGXX +R A Gainful Material - Includes both the main book and the smaller system data booklet.

Japanese: Archive.org

🔥Guilty Gear Petit 1 & 2 Official Fan Book- Guide book for the Wonderswan games. Scans by Tillman.

Japanese: Archive.org

🔥Vastedge Official Guide Book- I don't know how you make a guide book for a pachislot machine but, well, someone found a way. Scans by Tillman.

Japanese: Archive.org

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== VIDEOS ==

Official video releases. Tournament footage, combo guides, interviews, etc.

Guilty Gear X BEAT IN END COMBO COLLECTION - VHS release of combos for the 16 GGX characters. Official.

Japanese: YouTube

Guilty Gear X BATTLE for SAINT - DVD recording of a GGX tournament from 2001. Has "GGX technical advice," a Daisuke interview, and a trailer for the PS2 release of GGX.

Japanese: YouTube

Absolute Guilty Gear Chronicle - Promo DVD that came with preorders of the Playstation 2 copy of Guilty Gear XX Slash. Has some tournament footage, a sort of "recap" of all the GG releases up to that point, teasers/announcement stuff for the Slash release, and a lot of hype footage for Order Sol and ABA. Japan exclusive. The disc's face has Paracelsus on it.

Japanese: Archive.org

Guilty Gear Fragment - Promo UMD that came with preorders of the PSP copy of Guilty Gear Judgment. Has a "making of" documentary for Judgment on it. Japan exclusive. I believe this was converted from the UMD format to something coherent by scatterflower. Original rip by ThatRandomMan96's friend on Archive.org.

Japanese: YouTube

Raw data: Archive.org

Not a lot is known or recorded for the official video releases. There are more than these four out there.

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Ripped game assets or other unusual software.

🔥Guilty Gear Vastedge XT - The canon pachinko machine. This upload contains all the ripped assets (meshes, sound FX, animated assets such as cutscenes, UI assets, etc), the .APK and two .OBB files from the Android port rip, all the concept art, the JP dialog script (+Volcanic's partial EN translation), Shmuel's restored/remastered opening animation video, and some videos of the gameplay and of the physical machine all into one place. Full credits for this pack are long, please see Archive link for them.


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Untranslated comics.

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Books or anything else that we do not have decent scans of.


Huge mystery just how many of these there are. Keep your eyes peeled over on cryptidetr's Neocities; it's got a massive VHS archival hobby and an interest in finding the physical releases of these videos.


Username by the book title denotes that someone owns it and will scan it eventually. For Tillman, double check with its pinned post to make sure the listings here are up to date.

Guide Books/Encyclopedias:

It's difficult finding information about the guides/encyclopedias. Drop me a message if you find one that's not listed. Username by the book title denotes that someone owns it and will scan it eventually.


Names are left in Japanese to make them easier to copy-paste into web searches. Here is how to read them:

There may be additional Dengeki PS articles from 1995 and 1996. DPS April Special Issue Vol.19 1996/04/10 has been scanned/translated (see above).

Check out the dedicated Dengeki PlayStation page for more information about these issues.

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