== Guilty Gear Xrd Visual Book:
Archive.org - Original scan by BirthdayTrain via Tumblr. Scan of the mini art book that came with the European and Japanese special editions of Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator-, this scan being the European version with (mostly) English text.

== Channel 3 Records Guilty Gear: Missing Link Vinyl Art & Book:
Neocities - Archive.org - Scans of the short art booklet included with Channel 3 Records' release of the Guilty Gear: Missing Link soundtrack on vinyl. The booklet also has a brief interview with series creator and composer, Daisuke Ishiwatari. This archive does NOT include rips of the soundtrack from the vinyl records (or the flexidisc included with it) and I have no plans to make them.


== Guilty Gear Begin:
Archive.org - Includes PDF and EPUB formats. Can also be read directly off the site. This is the light novel that covers Asuka's betrayal of Frederick (Sol) and Frederick becoming a Gear.

== Artworks Of Guilty Gear X 2000-2007:
- Archive.org - Full scanlation of Daisuke's main illustrative work from Guilty Gear X through GGXX Accent Core. Includes the following: High resolution scans of all 160 interior pages of the book as well as the dustjacket, hard cover, and obi; PDF of the art book with captions; PDF of just the captions with additional translator notes; and a PDF of How To Draw Illustrations The Daisuke Ishiwatari Way. The Archive page also has a webview of the main PDF so it can be browsed without downloading.

- How To Draw Illustrations The Daisuke Ishiwatari Way - Separate Archive.org upload for just the walkthrough of Daisuke's art process at the back of the GGX art book. Also has a webview version.

== Guilty Gear 2 -Overture- Material Collection:
- Short Stories Index - Translations for the short stories in the Overture art book. These are a work in progress with only 3 of 8 stories finished so far. Completed stories: Sol, Sin, Izuna. WIP stories: Dr. Paradigm, Valentine, Ky, Raven, That Man. These are being worked on in the order they appear in the book, which is the order I have listed them in here too.

- Illustration Captions - Some of the illustrations in this book had captions about them written by the artist himself, Daisuke Ishiwatari. This page is an archive of my scans of the art as well as translations for the captions on the pieces that had them.


  • GGX+GGXX Anthology Manga - I wanna do these after the Overture short stories.
  • Lightning the Argent (Ky's light novel)
  • The Butterfly & Her Gale (Chipp's light novel)