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It's fun looking back at old update stuff. This page archives all the site updates posted on the main page.


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-- August 25, 2022

Izuna's story is finally finished!!! This is probably the most difficult thing I have ever translated. So many cultural nuances... Check it out: OYABIN'S TALE OF PAST & PRESENT

-- August 23, 2022

Been working on getting a big batch of GGX art book captions done lately and started work on Izuna's GG2Overture short story too, which is currently sitting at about 1/3rd of the way done. Cleaned up the site a little bit too and started getting the code together for the GGX captions pages. It'll be a while before I start importing those in, but it's good knowing that my code is somehow clean enough to run 50 instances of the Javascript to make the images pop out when you click on them lol. Some of the code on my site's still kinda buggy on Chromium-based browsers so I've been trying to smooth that out too. Firefox seems to be the best way to view it all at the moment by far. Also, wow!!! Passed 20,000 views recently! Thank you everyone. Imagining 20,000 people looking at my site blows my mind...

-- August 11, 2022

Congrats to Bridget! Sorry for slow updates. Been working on some more GGX captions/scans on top of the new month getting here (with new work) and the start of this month in general being kinda rough!! I'm currently making a red leather jacket and reading up on HTML/CSS still to optimize the gallery captions page code. It loads kinda janky on Chromium browsers still... hmm... I'll figure it out eventually.

-- August 3, 2022

Back to work today. But I procrastinated a bit and made a page for all the mixed cassette tapes I've put together for funsies. Still working on some GGX captions and cleaning up the GG2O captions page on here before putting together the one for the GGX captions. Poking away at Izuna's story too. It's gonna take a while though.

-- July 29, 2022

FINALLY I have completed a gallery page for the illustrations and translated captions for the GG2OMC art book. Got the JP manuscript for Izuna's story from the same art book edited and ready for translating into English too. Check out the gallery page!! I used JAVASCRIPT for the first time on it!!:

-- July 26, 2022

I've been working on pages using Komodo Edit instead of spamming Neocities with updates every time I wanna check my code changes and it's been going pretty good so far! The Gallery page for the GGX2k2k7 caption scanlations is almost done and ready for information to be input into it. The biggest thing left to do with that code is putting on a header/banner, a bar for links under that, a header box with a little space for page information, and then a footer with links to the next page of scanlations. There are about 150 pages in the GGX art book so I think I might limit it to 50 per page to minimize browser explosions. I'm currently debating how I want to do the directory for these pages though. There is an order to how they're put in the actual art book but it's esoteric and doesn't help much when looking for something specific within the art book. The order of them in the book will be preserved on my site's pages for them, but I'm worried about difficulty of navigation. There are also the illustration scans from the GG2OMC art book. Now that I think about it, it might be better to do those first and THEN do the GGX scans. There are only like 12 of them and I already have the translations for all the ones that had captions completed. Also debating if I should make an archive for these update posts. They're starting to make the index page pretty long...

-- July 24, 2022

My HTML5/CSS3 book came in the other day!! I've only read a little bit but have flipped through it and I'm really excited to get to put some of this new knowledge to use! I added some new gifs to the gif pages (mostly rotating swords) and added a couple more things to the Credits page. I really need to organize that page when I have a moment...

-- July 21, 2022

Started work on a Gallery page for the GGX2k2k7 caption scanlations and also added something like an actual welcome/about section on the main index page. There's a page for some gifs I've made too, which can be viewed over here: Unrelated to this update, but I just drank like 120mg of caffeine in one sitting and I can feel the lightning in my blood trying to vibrate out of my bones.

-- July 19, 2022

Cleaned up the Archives page some more (made it a bit wider and easier to read). Added a Places page with some Neocities sites that I like as well as off-site pages with cool GG archives and some other neat things. I might have some time next week to start translating the next GG2OMC short stories too, Izuna and Dr. Paradigm, but it all depends on how much work I get done this week. I also ordered a book on HTML5 and CSS3 and would really like to figure out how to make an aesthetically pleasing gallery page to host my artbook translations here too. There's so much I remember about HTML/CSS from when I used to do it in 2004-2006, but so much I can't remember anymore...
I also got Photoshop again so look forward to a page with some GG sprites soon!!

-- July 17, 2022

Crossposted the Guilty Gear 2 -Overture- Material Collection art book short stories on to here and made an index for the stories. Cleaned up the Archives page a little bit and added a section on that page for translation projects I'd like to do in the future. Also created a general credits page for the site since putting credits for everything on a page is hard. Added some new Sol sprites to the About page (thanks Kennedy).

-- July 15, 2022

Added a page for Japanese study materials since people seemed interested in knowing what stuff I used for translating. You can check it out over here or via sidebar link on the homepage of this site.